Options for assessing this course work with the “excellent” and “good” on Sociology

Options for assessing this course work with the “excellent” and “good” on Sociology

A grade of “excellent” is defined if:

– the writer for the program work shows a clear knowledge of the theoretical essence for the problem studied;

– the utilization of this course task is carried away in strict conformity using the topic, item, topic, function and goals, the opted for methodology;

– the task is analytical;

– program work reveals the pupil’s capability to make use of clinical sources, critically evaluate their outcomes;

– the written text contains sources to your latest systematic research, the outcomes of that are found in the program work;

– Appropriate practices and types of research have now been used;

– whenever analyzing the outcome regarding the research, statistical data processing practices were utilized that have been sufficient towards the tasks (3, 4 courses);

– The test of this research is certainly not not as much as 30 individuals when it comes to utilizingquantitative and 28 not less than 5 cases in the complete case of utilizing qualitative research techniques (3 program). The test of this research has reached minimum 50 individuals In the custom writing service full instance of employing quantitative and also at minimum 10 instances when it comes to Using research that is qualitative (4 course);

– the outcomes acquired in the part that is empirical of work are followed by a full-fledged interpretation for the data (3, 4 program);

– the aim of the work is accomplished, all tasks are resolved;

– the ultimate conclusions for the program work are reliable and justified by the product analysis performed into the work;

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